Corpex People Advisors


Recruitment and HR Support


Based in York, Harrogate and Pocklington and servicing the North of England we have helped many local businesses to implement a robust recruitment and people strategy that ensures that recruitment decisions are based on strong evidence of cultural and technical suitability. A key element of our service is that our principle consultants, Chris Waite and Penny Woodhead provide ‘on site’ support becoming part of your management team as and when required. This is a very popular part of our service.

Recruitment Support

When to recruit, how to recruit, how to get the best people at the right time in the most cost-effective way

HR Support

Helping you manage and develop your people and help solve problems and issues in a practical cost-efficient way


As business owners ourselves we know very well the minefield that is recruiting and retaining staff in challenging market conditions. We have put this service together to help other small business leaders find, develop and manage staff in the most effective and cost-effective way. We get to know you and your business and work in the background as and when you need us – our clients treat us as trusted advisors and the people specialists they need on an ad hoc basis. Our suggestions frequently result in improvements straight to your bottom line, and we advise on shift patterns, working hours as well as working practices and employee engagement.

‘Penny is our unofficial HR Director – she’s there when we have problems with staff members, and she handles the meetings for us. We couldn’t do without her!’

‘Chris sits in and often leads our interviewing and is not afraid to ask the difficult questions! Our recruitment process is now very robust, and our staff turnover has dropped dramatically over the last 12 months’

‘What can I say about John? With his huge manufacturing experience, he was able to look objectively at what we were doing and recommended and implemented changes that have helped us improve both productivity and EBIT significantly’


The service covers the following:



Talent acquisition strategy

Talent attraction



Job offers and negotiation

Reference checking

On boarding


HR and Training

We recognise that many organisations have neither the budget nor the need for a full time HR professional. Unfortunately, the employment laws apply however many staff you employ. The ever-increasing mountain of legislation, both to understand, and implement, coupled with the risk of a costly tribunal if you get wrong, means the targeted support of a flexible HR professional is something every organisation should consider.  Penny specialises in getting to the heart of the issue, and providing real time practical solutions, rather than options, to resolve the matter.  If required Penny will handle the situation from start to finish, giving you peace of mind, and the outcomes you need and want.


Strategic Partner

Penny and her team have been providing such services for over 18 years, providing local SMEs, family owned businesses and larger organisations with tailored HR advice and support, in a cost-effective framework. From disciplinaries and grievances to TUPE or redundancy, Corpex can guide you step by step.


Tailored Solutions

Corpex would typically provide an audit /summary of your existing position and offer advice and solutions to fill the gaps. This allows for a tailored solution designed to match your budget.


Legally Compliant

We can ensure you are legally compliant and provide a suite of letters and toolkits to support your policies, procedures and written terms of engagement.


Integrated Working

In addition, we will come on your site, work alongside your team, to provide on the moment advice on the specific issue. We can attend the meetings and draft all the necessary correspondence until the matter is resolved. A professional HR consultant on your site, only for the areas you need addressing, for the time it requires, which is reflected in the amount you pay.


Leadership training and development


We can offer the following courses:


Management and supervision of staff

The Art of People Management 

Effective appraisals.


Managing conflict in the Workplace

Time Management