Some people who are looking for a career coach will go by recommendation or word of mouth. Both are fine as far as they go, but coaching is a deeply personal experience, so you need to ensure a mutual match across a number of criteria. So when looking for a career coach, we recommend the following:


  1. Talk, talk, talk! Most coaches should offer you a free intro session (usually telephone or Skype), so take advantage of that. Make some notes as you talk to each coach, ready to compare when it comes to deciding. Also see if they have produced any video or audio, so that you can further get a good “feel” for how they work with their clients.
  2.  might be at the forefront of your mind, but how willing is the coach to tell you up front (if you ask the question) what their fees are? You should be looking for transparency, and a clear answer. However, view this as an investment in YOU.
  3. Added Value: What kind of follow up does the coach provide? Free email? Limited email? Anything else that “stands out” for you? Factor in this added value information to your decision making.
  4.  Does the coach offer anything over and above others? It could be a specific offer, or they might be a “Thought Leader” in their field. Make a note of anything that the coach offers as added extras
  5.  Not always a necessity, but if it’s important to you, you should enquire if the coach has either professional indemnity and/or public liability insurance.
  6.  Again, it varies for different specialisms, but dig a little into where that coach has “come from” – their own work/life experience, and formal accreditations and/or qualifications.
  7.  When you talk to coaches, ensure there is clarity around what would happen if you were either dissatisfied, or just wanted a refund on unused coaching hours.
  8.  Does the coach have any? Enough said!
  9. Take Your Time: Ensure that you have all the facts before making a final choice
  10. When you were speaking with the coach, did it feel ‘comfortable?’ Did you ‘get on’? What was your gut feeling telling you? Remember, you will be engaging in a many hours of interaction with the coach, so you need to feel the potential to be able to form a ‘business friendship’.

We hope this helps you to make an informed choice when you’re looking for a career coach.

The Corpex Group is able to provide several talented and effective Coaches for career related coaching assignments.

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